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February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13

BlueMy favorite color! I choose to take a photo of the beautiful blue sky above the Blue Ridge Mountains! Lucky me! 😉


February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12

“inside your closet”

Sadly most of our closets are packed with storage. 😦 -One result of still not being totally settled in here-

Well I opened MY closet door and was kinda worried… I didn’t want to take a photo of it because it is in that awkward stage, you know the one,  right before it is a complete disaster.  Yet, I wasn’t soooo motivated that I wanted to make it look awesome either. My solution?

Take a photo of something in my closet… like these beautiful scarves.

so this was it… my photo today. I was satisfied.  until…

I went about doing other tasks in my bedroom (which may or may not have included making faces at myself in the mirror) when out of the corner of my eye… I spot our puppy (Ellie) sneaking over to the closet.

I snapped a shot. I called her back out and snapped another… then I went over and opened the doors. Sure enough she followed… making sure that I wouldn’t discover or disturb her treasure. (She loves to hide bones)  More importantly she loves to hide bones in our laundry baskets. We often find her sneaking around the closet doors hoping to check on her loot.  * I might add that this is much better then where she used to hide her bones— on our pillows– yuck*

So my photo of the day just HAD to be this…(I promise she will not be involved in tomorrows photo)

so cute!!!!

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 11

Day 11

“Makes You Happy”


Well I started out the day excited. My plan was to take a picture similar to this one I took on the 6th…

BUT….. the Starbucks we went to did not have the Valentine cups. In fact my delicious drink came in a leftover holiday cup. (you remember my sentiments on leftovers from a few posts back). I’m ashamed to admit this made me grumpy! NOT HAPPY! 😦

(I might also add that waking up with a sore throat at 2 a.m. and having clogged ears contributed to my grumpiness.)

(Still ashamed)

I am completely aware that being grumpy over the wrong cup is rediculous but I HAD PLANS for my cup… I wanted to photograph it!!!

Oh well.


I took a nap, feeling much better & ready to tackle the photo challenge.

Reminding myself that I am lucky girl. Not only to have had any Starbucks treat in ANY cup…

(especially since I try to keep my Starbucks treats to once a week)

but, lucky that I have a whole world of other things I can photograph that make me happy…

like my sweet husband

who puts up with me even when I get in grumpy moods over silly things.

February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 9 & 10

These two kind of go together. 🙂

Day 9

Front Door

Since I have been a bit under the weather 😦 I did not venture out to take a cool front door photo (although I wanted to). Instead, I choose to snap a shot of our front door.

It’s black, it’s plain and it’s boring. But everyday that I come home from work I hesitate to pull into the garage because I just love walking through the front door. Ellie (our puppy) hangs out on the sofa looking out the window all day. When she spots one of us pull into the driveway she gets super excited.  Then, when you walk through the front door she goes bananas trying to greet you. I just love it.

This photo of Ellie at our front door was taken some time after I had been home for awhile. She was not to excited about posing for a picture, but you get the idea.


Day 10

Self Portrait

I was probably the most picky about this day. I just couldn’t get a decent capture.

Then I decided to take a few shots of Ellie and I waiting for Matt to get home. Everyday around the time he should arrive Ellie gets anxious. She goes back to the window and is on the lookout. She won’t even touch her bone or toys until his car pulls up.  Sometimes I sit with her. Here is my favorite shot.  🙂


February Photo A Day Challenge Day 7 & 8

Day 7 : Button

This is one of my mom’s old buttons (I think). I thought it was a cute.

Day 8: Sun

Today I had plans to take a photo of the sunrise… 😦 no luck because the sun was not shinning until I got off work. And that’s when I started feeling icky. I went home and napped… but not before snapping a photo of this cute sun sticker. (A little girl in my class pointed out that if you look at the sun upside down, he looks angry)

cute 🙂

February Photo A Day: 5 & 6

So I must admit that Day 5 & 6 are not my favorite.

Day 5…. 10:00 a.m.

Day 6… Dinner


10 a.m. on Sunday I was getting ready for church, eating breakfast and watching Sunday Morning… and it was gorgeous outside!!!

here are the two photo’s I took at 10 a.m.

 and then I walked outside… took this shot of the blue sky 🙂



*Day 6*


I wasn’t so excited to take this photo because-

Tonight was leftovers :/ I have never been the biggest fan of leftovers, wait… let me rephrase that… I love eating leftovers

I just don’t like the process of getting them out of the “left over” container.

Seriously. No matter what they are in it just never seems all that appealing to me.


it’s food and it’s good so I can’t complain.

Here was my dinner.Pita bread and Homemade Veggie Soup.

It was delicious!

February Photo A Day Challenge Day 4

Today’s photo:  A Stranger

I have issues with this one.

I am just not good at approaching strangers  for a photograph.

That and it’s raining… where am I going to happen upon a stranger when we are having a rainy day???

At the park…. well, that failed because there were no strangers at the park… we were the only ones out walking in the rain… (mind you I left my camera in the car due to the rain) so even if we HAD come upon a Stranger, the photo wouldn’t have happened.

That’s when Matt suggested I photograph an album.  More precisely:  Billy Joel’s, The Stranger.

YES!!!! this works

and it was fun because I quite enjoy listening to some Billy Joel while watching the rain on the windows.