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Whew… I’m back!

So the last time I updated my blog… it was March!

It’s now September!!!!!

I am notorious for pulling stunts like this in my journals, but I had hoped that I could be a little more consistent with my blog. And even though I had high hopes for myself and my blogging abilities… I will not be dismayed. There are reasons I didn’t blog for that long.

Reason 1. (it’s a big one)

We moved.

If you happen to know me at all, you will already be aware of this information. But maybe there is one random person out there in the world who reads my blog and doesn’t know me. We came back to Illinois, after living in North Carolina for a little over a year. It’s crazy to me that this was the past year and a half of our life and the last six months have been the transition from “life up in the air” to “life calming down a bit”. So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t the easiest time to blog up a storm or even a sprinkle.

Reason 2.

I haven’t been doing “THAT MUCH” photographing. I have but not much.

Maybe I will have a catch up blog soon that will display some of the work I did do in that time.

Reason 3.

I’m addicted to my iphone.

Sometimes when we go to do something that I would normally lug my camera along for… I don’t. Because I have a convient little camera (iphone) that I am already bringing along…. I know, I know… shame on me… but honestly “who isn’t addicted to iphone?”

Well that’s it. Now you know! And you can expect to hear some more from this blog and sometime soon-ish some revamping of this blog… so stay tuned. 🙂



February Photo A Day Challenge: Days 25 & 26 & 27 & 28….and…. day 29 (the extra February day)

Day 25


Here is a little bit of green. The bushes in our front yard are starting to bud. Spring is coming!


Day 26


I had plans to take my SLR (camera) out at night and get a good photo. Right at dusk I happened to be walking my dog and I noticed the moon with a few cute little stars. So I grabbed the Ipad and took my photo. (I had been wanting to try INSTAGRAM, an iphone/ipad app, for awhile and I finally had my chance) .


Day 27

Something you ate

A banana.  Now… this is big for me because I don’t like bananas. Or I didn’t. For as long as I can remember (except there is a tiny part of me that vaguely remembers having liked them at some point).  I grew up a picky eater. There are many foods that have never hit my taste buds (and probably never will) but the banana I would sometimes “try” just to make sure.  For years it didn’t work. I was just not a banana fan. And then it changed. 🙂

and …. I learned I only like bananas at a certain stage of ripeness… right before they get all mushy. 🙂


Day 28


Here is a shot of my change. I love this little heart dish…. (my sister painted it for me).


*********DAY 29 **********

So excited! Last Day of February 2012! (LEAP YEAR)

the theme: Something you’re listening to

I love this album. 🙂 I listened to a few songs today!

also listening to the sound of water boil 🙂 Dinner is almost ready!


What did you think of FEBRUARY Photo A Day?

Be on the look out for March’s Challenge 🙂

February Photo A Day Challenge (Playing catch up) Days 18-24

Day 18



Day 19

Something you hate to do

 Picking up wet, mildew smelling rags. So gross!


Day 20


a handwritten message from my hubby:)


Day 21

Favorite photo of “me”

A happy moment captured by my dad. We were just leaving the church after saying I Do.

The black and white photo (taken by Pam Cooley Photography) is one of my favorite engagement photos of us!



Day 22

Where I work

The playground at my school. I teach 4 yr olds 🙂


Day 23

My Shoes

Love my TOMS…

Need a new pair!


Day 24

Inside my bathroom cabinet 

February Photo A Day Challenge: Days 15, 16 & 17

Day 15: Phone


Day 16

Something New

On Valentine’s day I had a work meeting. I stopped at Fresh Market to pick up something yummy for lunch. While I was there I purchased a new shopping bag.  Now, we have a TON of reusable shopping bags already. But, I of course, didn’t have any with me.

So here is my “something new” grocery bag.


Day 17


So for this theme I decided to photograph a specific time of day. The calm part of my morning… when I am no longer rushing to get ready or driving to work.  That moment just before I step out of the car.  When I pause and watch the sun’s rays fall through the branches of the oak tree. I always enjoy this moment. It’s peaceful.

February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 14

F    E   B   R   U  A  R   Y…. this month is full of love….and so am I….February deals with hearts…. on Valentintes…So happy together…Hugs and Kisses, Hugs and Kisses for you…. On Valentines!!!!


That’s the song I have my students learn for February. Today as you would guess the theme is


so here is my photo challenge picture… 


I love these heart stickers 😉


Here is another shot… (a runner up)

and I love these pj’s 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13

BlueMy favorite color! I choose to take a photo of the beautiful blue sky above the Blue Ridge Mountains! Lucky me! 😉

February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12

“inside your closet”

Sadly most of our closets are packed with storage. 😦 -One result of still not being totally settled in here-

Well I opened MY closet door and was kinda worried… I didn’t want to take a photo of it because it is in that awkward stage, you know the one,  right before it is a complete disaster.  Yet, I wasn’t soooo motivated that I wanted to make it look awesome either. My solution?

Take a photo of something in my closet… like these beautiful scarves.

so this was it… my photo today. I was satisfied.  until…

I went about doing other tasks in my bedroom (which may or may not have included making faces at myself in the mirror) when out of the corner of my eye… I spot our puppy (Ellie) sneaking over to the closet.

I snapped a shot. I called her back out and snapped another… then I went over and opened the doors. Sure enough she followed… making sure that I wouldn’t discover or disturb her treasure. (She loves to hide bones)  More importantly she loves to hide bones in our laundry baskets. We often find her sneaking around the closet doors hoping to check on her loot.  * I might add that this is much better then where she used to hide her bones— on our pillows– yuck*

So my photo of the day just HAD to be this…(I promise she will not be involved in tomorrows photo)

so cute!!!!