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About Jaci Musec

When I first created this blog I was fairly new to photography and  new to the world of blogging.  I have always (since forever) asked for a “nice” camera. Every holiday would roll around and I would receive a camera, but never a “nice” one. Don’t get me wrong I love a camera- nice or not- but I really wanted to explore and learn more about photography. Which is kinda hard to do with a 35 mm basic film camera, so as you can imagine…I was thrilled… when my husband (he was my fiance’ at the time) bought me my very first “nice” camera. A DSLR of my very own, a nice Nikon D300… it’s the gift I’ve always wanted!!!!  It has taken me some time to really dive into all that the photography world has to offer. I KNOW there is still so much more to learn.

Someday (I hope) I will be able to consider myself a professional photographer, until then I hope that you will enjoy and maybe even be inspired by my images. I  hope you will follow my journey as I learn and grow and figure out the business of ” how to become a better photographer.”

I love to photograph animals, found objects and all sorts of people 🙂 Let me know if you want to have some photos taken.



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  1. I just realized you have a blog! 🙂


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