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Whew… I’m back!

So the last time I updated my blog… it was March!

It’s now September!!!!!

I am notorious for pulling stunts like this in my journals, but I had hoped that I could be a little more consistent with my blog. And even though I had high hopes for myself and my blogging abilities… I will not be dismayed. There are reasons I didn’t blog for that long.

Reason 1. (it’s a big one)

We moved.

If you happen to know me at all, you will already be aware of this information. But maybe there is one random person out there in the world who reads my blog and doesn’t know me. We came back to Illinois, after living in North Carolina for a little over a year. It’s crazy to me that this was the past year and a half of our life and the last six months have been the transition from “life up in the air” to “life calming down a bit”. So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t the easiest time to blog up a storm or even a sprinkle.

Reason 2.

I haven’t been doing “THAT MUCH” photographing. I have but not much.

Maybe I will have a catch up blog soon that will display some of the work I did do in that time.

Reason 3.

I’m addicted to my iphone.

Sometimes when we go to do something that I would normally lug my camera along for… I don’t. Because I have a convient little camera (iphone) that I am already bringing along…. I know, I know… shame on me… but honestly “who isn’t addicted to iphone?”

Well that’s it. Now you know! And you can expect to hear some more from this blog and sometime soon-ish some revamping of this blog… so stay tuned. 🙂



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