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March Photo A Day Challenge: Days 5-8

Here we go: Blog # 2 for March.

Day 8



I love these windows. There is something about the way the light hits them. This building is the home of the Feed & Seed. A local church/bluegrass venue. I’m a fan.


Here is another view, taken with my IPad.  (Yes, I took my camera and Ipad with me to work in order to get a shot of these windows)


Day 7

Something you wore

So I have these slippers. And the one thing that bothers me about them… they are constantly coming untied.

This really bugs me.

I teach preschool and one of the most frustrating parts of my job is having to tie shoes all day long. Most four year old’s just don’t have the hang of it yet. If they do… they are not that good at it. So, the shoes are constantly coming untied anyway.  (I wish that my classrooms could be squishy floored and have a shoe-less policy like those fun bouncy house places).

Here is a photo of my slippers… notice that one is already coming untied… I had just tied them before the photo was taken. (and I do have the hang of it) Image

what I wore on March 7.  A scarf, earrings, braids (as in– I DID my hair) and a smile.



Day 6

5 P.M.

(I find that specific time themes are the hardest photos for me)

I choose to take a photo with my camera while walking Ellie. The light was really beautiful and the weather was not too chilly. We went the long way to the mailbox. (This photo was taken at our Oscar the cat meet-up spot. Sadly, Oscar was a no show)


Bonus PHOTO!!!! {taken just moments after the previous photo}Image

and here is the (alternative) photo — the one taken with the Ipad, using Instagram.

Just junk mail today…. 5 p.m. (the only time of day you can be sure that the mail has arrived)Image


Day 5

A smile


His 🙂


mine 🙂

On this day, something happened that made me smile so big…

 Ellie is a huge fan of chasing squirrels. There is one spot on our walk that we tend to see squirrels (more often than not).  She is so so so thrilled when we get to this spot. Well on this day, Ellie did her usual sneak walk as we approached a unsuspecting squirrel. But to our surprise (and Ellie’s delight) when the squirrel took off… so did all of her squirrel friends… there were at least 9 of them, they were running up the side of a small hill (from a neighbors back yard where they were feasting on bird seed).

From where Ellie and I stood it just looked like there was an endless supply of squirrels coming up over the hill. At first she wanted to chase but then when the squirrels kept on coming, she was so excited she couldn’t even chase… she just stood there moving her head back and forth (like a cartoon) trying to figure the scene out.

So funny. Made me smile real big.


About jacimusecphotography

I am a girl who likes to smile and watch other people smile. I also happen to be really fond of taking pictures.

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