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March Photo A Day Challenge: Days 1-4

I’ve decided to do the photo challenge again this month. However, instead of trying to post a blog about each photo at a time, I will post a blog in 4 day increments. (I sorta started doing this towards the end of February~ only it felt very unorganized to me). I am going to do my best to write a little something about the photos as well, because YOU may have already seen these photos (on Facebook) but you don’t know the story behind the photo… you can only get that here. 🙂 So enjoy!

Day 4



Good Morning!!!! This is the BEDSIDE photo. (Matt’s side)


Bedside (My side)… ( I secretly love that I don’t have to be the one to shut the light off)

I used to have an alarm but it was so bright that I stopped using it. Now I use an old phone as my alarm. 




 I didn’t feel too inspired to photograph the neighborhood. We are currently renting a town house. To me the neighborhood has a bland feel to it: everything is the same! We do have beautiful sunrise views. And once we saw a double rainbow while out walking. We have some really nice neighbors too! But mostly we like our neighborhood because Ellie enjoys it 🙂ImageWe don’t have a yard for her to run around and explore. So she gets to go on several walks. Two streets over is (a dog) Buddy and his owners. They are sweet and always welcoming for a visit from Ellie and I. Buddy’s “great grandma” Mimi, has even “doggy-sat” for Ellie. 

A street below them is the “dog run” -an area where the ground is on a incline and Ellie can walk on a path that is just about my height- she enjoys barking and running on this half a block path.

Walk a few streets over and Ellie is anxious to go past the four different houses that have dogs inside. These dogs are not her friends. They are the dogs she enjoys taunting. It is her favorite thing to get them all barking and she tries her best to run in each yard. Especially the house with the little white dog!

A street over is her doggie friend Roxy, we don’t see this puppy often but when we do they are so excited to sniff at each other. 

And of course our little end of the neighborhood… We have the dogs across the street who bark at Ellie when she gets to be outside and they don’t. We have our new dog friend Cody, who stops by every afternoon to play (even though Cody is a 12 yr old dog, Ellie brings out her youthful side). We have the black and white dog who loves to greet Ellie early in the morning on our walks. And of course her friend Oliver, the cat—whom Ellie gets most excited to see—oddly, Oliver loves to see Ellie too. They play together and try to chase squirrels (Oliver has the advantage of being unleashed) but that doesn’t keep them from rolling around in the grass together or playing in the rocks on a little “adventure”.


Day 2



I have always loved apples! Even in my pickiest of picky years, I loved Apples (mind you someone had to peel that apple for me–but I loved them). I love the crispy crunch of an apple. The juicy sweetness and the tart deliciousness. My favorite apples are Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp and JohnaGold. 


For day 2, I took a photo of the apples with my ipad. Sometimes when I am in a hurry I can easily take a shot on the ipad, load it onto instagram *a camera app* and waahhlaaaa…my photo of the day is done. (Many people who are participating in the photo challenge are doing so through instagram. You can look up their photos using the tag #MarchPhotoADay). 

But for me…the quality isn’t the same. So I always take another shot with my camera. I am sad to admit that I took the SLR shot of the apples on Day 3 not Day 2 (which in my head is sorta cheating) but for the sake of time and energy… I’m okay with that… this is, after-all a fun activity… not homework.



Day 1


Again, for day 1 I did the dual photos… one with the SLR and one with the ipad. 


I love this movie! It is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies (2nd only to Toy Story). When I first saw this movie it was in the movie theater all by myself. Matt and I were both in the mood for a movie night… he wanted to see Transformers and I did not, I wanted to see UP and he did not. So we agreed. I didn’t have any idea that I would end up being the only person in the whole movie theater. And although it was a cartoon… I was scared. (I have an imagination that will think up all sorts of horribleness when given space to roam). Luckily I was able to get into the movie (and out of my head). 


Here is my other UP photo. Taken from sitting on the dinning room floor looking up. 🙂 




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I am a girl who likes to smile and watch other people smile. I also happen to be really fond of taking pictures.

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